Our purpose is quite simply, to offer clarity and a way forward for your walk in an increasingly complex IP labyrinth. We cruise complexity to create value.

Gravis is committed to deliver a personal, unique and versatile service to meet the intellectual property needs of its clients who are companies, individuals and the public sector in every commercial and legal aspect in the long term and in the right time as per the strategic needs.

We always pursue technically and economically viable, proactive and desirable solutions with exact precision while exploring the possibilities and the potential in the grey area. It might make us slightly odd but it also results in our partnerships being more than usually enjoyable and, we like to think, of significantly more value than those with more conventional style businesses.

Our down-to-earth yet knowledgeable and focused approach to client needs is what makes us different from many of our competitors who see IP in black and white.


We’re proud of staying true to our name and constantly developing our capabilities to be at the leading edge of our industry.

Our people are professionals and have a successful background in trademark, domain name, patent, industrial design, copyright prosecution, arbitration and litigation.

Each of us work within a framework where specialisation meets variety, making us strong and reliable partners. You will be advised by one or several of our partners, who bear full responsibility for the conduct of the case and have a love of looking at problems with genuinely fresh eyes and telling it like it is, even when we enlist the services of in-house or external specialists.


We are interested in exploring alternative methods of partnership whilst keeping keeping the principles and values that have always guided us.

We are always open and ready to build new partnerships with the clients and the associates, either current or potential, in a way, either conventional or alternative, on a short- or long-term basis solely depending on the needs and preferences of the case and the client.

If you need our assistance for a specific IP-related matter, we can provide our services until that matter is concluded and the file is closed simply. If you need us to manage your whole trademark or design or patent portfolio, we can take care of your portfolio in administrative and legal processes both in Turkey and abroad as if your in-house counsel. If you need us to monitor and pay renewal and annuity fees, we can do all of these for you on a flat fee basis. If there are recurring matters which require continuous care and attention such as opposition, cancellation proceedings and cease and desist matters based on your specific IP right against 3rd party attempts, we can assist you on a fixed fee basis as part of a customized strategy for minimization of risk and budget while ensuring the sustainability of strategic objectives.

Tell us your needs, objectives and priorities and we will definitely offer a business model which will work for both you and us.