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Our in-house translation team specializes in providing high quality and reliable patent, legal and technical translations. Translations performed by our team meet the criteria of accuracy, reasonable cost and punctuality, which are the basic expectations of every customer. Unlike general translation providers, our translation team, which is qualified in certain fields, brings together its translation capabilities, knowledge and experience in all fields of patent and all basic technology disciplines and all intellectual and industrial property law branches, to obtain all kinds of documents (application documents, priority documents, objection and lawsuit petitions, expert witness) in these fields. , research and examination reports, court decisions, transfer, license and know-how agreements) and proofreading of translated texts with near-perfect quality.

We also understand the procedures and potential dangers associated with filing your patent applications after they are translated, and we translate these risks and other priorities into account.

We carry out the translations in some basic languages ​​with our own translation team, and the translation projects requested in other language groups are realized with our expert translation network that we work with and we do the editing in accordance with our own standards. And unlike other patent-oriented translation offices, we provide technical proof of translation texts thanks to our own in-house patent analysts and experts, and we always ensure that appropriate and correct technical terminology is used.

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