Trademark Searching

The first step in a trademark application process is usually searching for other trademark applications or registrations that can prevent your registration of your trademark. For an earlier trade mark application or registration to conflict with your trademark application, not only must the trademark be the same or similar as your trademark, the earlier application or registration must also be filed in respect of the same or similar goods and services.

Using the Trademarkify trademark application page, the Trademarkify software will automatically search your trademark application against earlier filed trademark applications or registrations. The Trademarkify software will also divide any earlier filed trademark applications or registrations into their respective classes, so that you may still filing trademark application for goods and services that are unrelated to any earlier filed marks.

Note that not all trademark rights registered trademark rights. As such searching the trademarks registered alone will not necessarily uncover all potentially conflicting trademark. For example, the various traders may be using an unregistered trademark and may be able to assert their common law rights in asserting trademark infringement. As such, it is always a good idea to search for any unregistered trademarks. Such searching may be as simple as searching using the Google search engine. Furthermore, you may also consider visiting the websites of any of your competitors to find out whether they have listed any of their trademark applications or registrations.

If you have any questions about trademark searching, please contact us and we would be more than glad to assist you.