Why should I register my trademark?

Having your trademark registered gives you the exclusive right to use your trademark in US for the goods and services in which it is registered.

Having your trademark registered is prima facie evidence of your ownership of the trademark and allows you to use the remedies under the trademarks act in preventing others from using your trademark.

Once you have registered your trademark, you can put the ® symbol next to your trademark to ward off other others from using the same or a similar trademark. Furthermore, as your trademark will be available for public inspection in the US trademarks register preventing others from subsequently registering the same or similar trademark for the same or similar goods and services.

A registered trade mark has the following benefits:

  • Your registered trademark dissuades others from using the trademark without your permission. If you don’t register your trademark, you will have to rely on the common law actions which are typically difficult and expensive to run.
  • Having a registered trademark, it is much simpler for you to take legal action against those who uses your trade mark without your permission.
  • Your registered trademark becomes your property which may be sold or licensed to others.

Trademarks are registered in the trademarks register of US against one or more goods and services which are classified into 45 classes for convenience. The Trademarken goods and services picker helps you to pick the correct classes for your goods and services to avoid any problems during the examination of your trademark application.