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Gravis ip - Trademarks / Patents / Designs / copyrights Method


We are keen to explore and evaluate alternative methods of cooperation while maintaining the principles and values ​​that have always guided us.

Considering the requirements of the subject at hand and the needs and preferences of our clients, we are always open and ready to establish new traditional or alternative, short or long-term collaborations with our current and potential clients or business partners and to review them from time to time.

If you need assistance on a specific issue in the field of Intellectual and Industrial Property (eg trademark registration, industrial design objection, domain name dispute litigation, patent specification preparation, trademark usage research, etc.), we can offer you our services until the job is completed and the case is closed. Or, if you want us to manage your entire brand, design and patent portfolio, we can deal with your portfolio both in Turkey and abroad at an administrative and judicial level as if you were an advisor within your own body. If you need us to track and pay your renewal and annual fees, we can do this for fixed fees that we will determine together. If you apply regularly and repeatedly to objection and complaint processes, invalidation and warning processes against third party initiatives based on your specific intellectual and industrial property rights, we can support you in determining situation-specific strategies by considering minimum risk and budget, and achieving strategic goals.

Tell us about your needs, goals and priorities, and we're sure we can suggest a suitable business model for you and us.


We are proud to develop our skills to consistently be recognized at the forefront of the industry while remaining true to and honest with our name and values.

Our employees are professionals and It has both a solid technical and legal infrastructure on brands, domain names, patents, industrial design, copyrights and has a good command of current procedures and practices.

Each of us strengthens us. ;dead and we work in a framework that makes reliable partners and expertise meets diversity. When you apply to us, our own employees or reliable experts with whom we cooperate when necessary, each have full competence and responsibility for the management of the relevant issue and are willing to handle problems with a sincere and curious perspective. They will hear and see your needs not only as a job, but also as a valuable part of their professional development.

Gravis ip - Trademarks / Patents / Designs / copyrights Team
Gravis ip - Trademarks / Patents / Designs / copyrights Approach


As a always new, high quality and reliable company, it is to provide everyone with the product they want in the best way, under the best conditions and as soon as possible.

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