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You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about trademarks, patents and designs in this section

It is not possible to protect inventions only through a notary public or to claim rights with notary documents. The only valid way to claim legal rights and stop unauthorized use is to obtain a patent certificate by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Because only with a patent application, it can be understood whether the invention is new and whether it has been found by someone else before. The patent is valid only in the country where it was obtained. In order for an invention to be a valid patent all over the world, a different application is needed.

The protection period for the patent is 20 years, provided that the patent is renewed every year from the date of application, and 10 years for the utility model, provided that the utility model is renewed every year, and these periods cannot be extended. Expired patents and utility models become public property.
We can also say that a patent and utility model is an official document showing the invention or the right to use it in order to encourage invention, to encourage innovations and creative ideas, and to ensure the application of technical solutions obtained through inventions in industry. When we look at the dictionary meaning, a patent is a document that the inventor has the right to prevent third parties from producing, using, selling or importing the product subject to the invention for a certain period of time. Patents are a result of the needs for the usage rights of new products with the spread of industrialization, and the main purpose of the patents is to protect these ideas and at the same time to provide a certain development and accumulation on that idea.

In order for an invention to be included in the subject of a patent, it must meet certain criteria. Patents are granted on the condition that they contain an innovation, an inventive step and are industrially applicable.

Novelty: It means that the invention did not exist worldwide before, that is, it is not included in the state of the art. The state of the art, on the other hand, means all kinds of information (explained by means of written or verbal promotion, use, etc.)

Invention Step: It means that the invention cannot be clearly deduced from the state of the art by a person skilled in the related technical field.

Industrial Applicability: It means that the invention can be produced, applied or used in any branch of industry, including agriculture.
  • Making applications one by one to the country offices whose registration is requested.
  • Obtaining protection in multiple countries with a single transaction with a single application using the Madrid System.
  • Rights arising from trademark registration provide protection only in the country where the registration is made. If you want your trademark to be protected abroad, your trademark must also be registered in the countries where you request protection. International trademark registration provides this service.

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